Is This The Best Way To Make Iced Coffee?

The cold brew method of making iced coffee has taken the coffee world by storm. It is easy to make and provides a better base for iced coffee than pouring a traditional hot brew over ice. But is it better coffee?

Peter Giuliano, director of the Specialty Coffee Association of America’s Symposium, is leading a movement to dethrone cold brew from its caffeine pulpit. In its place, he posits, should be a method of preparing cold coffee he learned in Japan. 

This simple but brilliant method brews hot coffee directly into ice. Watch this video to see how this makes sense:

What makes this method better than cold brew? According to Peter, coffee brewed with hot water brings out flavor subtleties and nuances that soaking beans in room temperature water over night just cannot replicate.

I think this ingenious method is worth a try. What do you think?

H/T to Food 52 for the link.

recipesMichael Liss