Mike's New Favorite Coffee Machine

I have found my personal favorite coffee machine - the Moccamaster Cup-One from Technivorm.

The Moccamaster line is universally recognized as the best automatic drip coffee machine in the world. They are handmade in The Netherlands and carry a 5-year warranty (which is an unheard of warranty for anything with a cord). They are know for their ease of operation and the consistency of the brew. We have proudly carried this line for a couple of years and we hear our customers lauding their purchase.

I am a bit of a coffee geek and I have many different types of coffee making equipment. The method that always produced the best tasting coffee for me at home was my Hario V60 pour over cone. The challenge with the Hario, though, was that it required a lot of attention on my part (not what I am best at first thing in the morning) and, as a result, provided inconsistent results. When I was focused it produced a great cup of coffee, but when I wasn't focused it was just so-so.

Then, I got myself a Moccamaster Cup-One and the very first cup I made was the best cup of coffee I have ever made at home.

The Cup-One is a single cup coffee brewer that is essentially an automated pour-over. There is no pot, you just put the cup you are going to drink out of under the cone and fill it with fresh-brewed coffee.

It is dead simple to operate.

  1. Fill the reservoir with water to the fill line.
  2. Put #1 paper filter and ground coffee into the cone.
  3. Put your cup under the cone and click the machine to ON.

In about 3 minutes time you will have 10 oz. of outstanding coffee brewed at the perfect temperature.

The single cup mode is great for me at home. Mrs. Common Housefly only drinks decaf coffee, so I could never make a pot of coffee for both of us. So I get to make my coffee fresh, as does she. And if I want a second cup I get another fresh one, not coffee that has been sitting for an hour in a carafe.

The Moccamaster Cup-One has been a revelation for me. It provides all the taste benefits of a pour-over with the ease of an automatic drip. If you are interested in cup-at-a-time coffee you should give it a look.

Michael Liss