When Life gives you cabbage, make cole slaw.

Yesterday I went to my favorite local food store looking for some lettuce to make a salad for dinner. This store specializes in local grown and fresh produce. That means they don't have everything everyday. Yesterday they did not have any lettuce.

But they did have some great looking fresh cabbage. OK...looked like cole slaw was the way to go.

I remembered that I had a great slaw recipe from Jacques Pepin in which he adds some curry powder to the dressing to give this salad a little twist. I made it last night and it was easy and oh so good. Here is the recipe.

Jacque Pepin's Curried Cole Slaw


  • 1 small head of cabbage

  • 1 carrot (4 oz)

  • 1/3 c mayo

  • 3 T cider vinegar

  • 1 T sugar

  • 1 t salt

  • 2 t poppy seeds

  • 1/4 t tabasco

  • 1 t curry powder


1. Trim the cabbage and shred it.  (you should have 5-6 packed cups of cabbage.

2.  Shred the carrot (you should have 1 tightly packed cup)

3.  In a bowl large enough to hold the finished slaw, mix together the mayo, vinegar, sugar, salt poppy seeds, tabasco and curry powder.  Add the cabbage and carrots and mix well.

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