Make It Monday: Great Coffee In A Vacation Rental? You Betcha!

I spent the last week on the beach. Yeah, I's tough out there.. but I was doing some serious remote research for the Common Housefly Test Kitchen. One of my topics of research was: How To Have Great Coffee In A Vacation Rental?

You know what I mean. Almost all vacation rentals have the same 8 cup Mr. Coffee automatic drip machine next to the microwave oven. It has a glass carafe and an electric hot plate. In a pinch, these machines will do the job - but as the sole source of my morning coffee for a whole week this will be wholly inadequate.

The answer: The Aeropress.

Yes. I brought our Aeropress on our vacation. A bit geeky, I know, but total worth it. Here's why:

  • The Aeropress is small and indestructible so it packs well.

  • It requires no precise measuring of coffee to water ratios because it's pre-calibrated.

  • It cleans up in a snap.

  • It makes an awesome cup of coffee.

I introduced some of my vacation-mates to this machine and they were totally hooked. I showed them how to use it once - and they were off to the races. Single espressos, double espressos, cafe Americano, cafe lattes, it was all good. They liked it so much that they took it home with them when we left.

The Aeropress is an American invention (made in the USA) which is one of the truly unique ways to make a cup of coffee. It works just as well as your main workhorse at home as well as when you are traveling. I can't say enough good things about it after spending the week with it.

Basic Aeropress recipe

This video does a great job of showing off how easy it is to make an espresso with the Aeropress. This is my preferred way to go with this machine.

American-style coffee with the Aeropress

If you prefer an American-style coffee to the basic espresso all you need to do is add a little hot water after the brew is finished. I know this sounds strange, but trust me - it creates a perfect cup of coffee. Check out the video.

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