It's National Carrot Cake Day

Can you believe it? National Carrot Cake day is here! Gotta get me some.

Carrot cake has an interesting history. No - really. According to the World Carrot Museum (yes - this is a thing) the carrot cake dates back to Medieval times.

According to food historians, our modern carrot cake most likely descended from Medieval carrot puddings enjoyed by people in Europe. No one really knows where carrot cake came from, It looks like it did evolve from the Carrot Pudding of medieval times, during the middle ages sugar and other sweeteners were difficult or expensive to come by in Britain and carrots had long been used as sugar substitutes.
— World Carrot Museum

In fact, according to Molly O'Neill, there is a report that George Washington was served a carrot tea cake in 1783.

Well, if it is good enough for the Father of our Country then it is good enough for me. It will be my civic duty to consume some carrot cake today. More on that later.


I got my carrot cake from Hey Hey Cupcake.

24-karat Carrot Cake cupcake

24-karat Carrot Cake cupcake

Michael Liss