Wait...What? Canned Pumpkin Isn’t Pumpkin At All?!

I just read an article in Food & Wine which blew the cover off the deception inherent in the cans of pumpkin puree that you find in every grocery store.

It turns out that pumpkin puree is not pumpkin. It's squash.

Pumpkin puree: You know, the canned orange stuff that’s lining the supermarket walls right now? The stuff you use to make all your favorite fall desserts that’s labeled “100% pumpkin”?! Yes, well, it’s actually made from 100% not pumpkin. The mix is made from a variety of winter squash (think butternut, Golden Delicious, Hubbard, and more). Libby’s, the brand that produces about 85% of the country’s canned “pumpkin” filling, has actually developed a certain variety of squash that they grow, package, and distribute to supermarkets across the country–all the while fooling innocent, trusting consumers into believing they’re eating a pumpkin.
— Emma Crist

Um...that sucks. As the article goes on to point out:

What I’m telling you is, you’ve basically been eating butternut squash pie, squash bread, and drinking SQUASH FREAKING SPICE LATTES this entire time.
— Emma Crist

Is this further evidence of the downfall of Western civilization? Probably not. But when a product is labeled "100% Something" and it turns out that it is "100% NOT Something" it turns our collective consumer experience into a total bummer.

So...it's fall. Real pumpkins are plentiful and inexpensive. Try the real thing this year. The difference between Squash pie and Pumpkin pie may surprise and delight you.

Read the full article here.

Michael Liss