A Curated Shopping Experience

I have been thinking about the difference between shopping at our store and shopping at Amazon.com. It is the elephant in the room for all independent retailers - and we are no exception. The reality is that we compete with Amazon.com for your business. It is a challenge, no doubt. And it keeps us on our toes. But we thrive in the face of the elephant because we are better in a number of ways.

One way that we are better than Amazon.com is the difference between braindead infinite choice and an intelligent curated selection.

Infinite Choice = No Choice

One of the big lures of shopping at Amazon.com is the that you can find anything. Literally. If you do a search on Amazon.com for "stainless steel frying pan" you get this:

8,735 results! What are you supposed to do with that?

While it is amazing that any retail operation could offer that many choices there is no way you could sort through those options in any rational way.

Maybe there is a better way.

Curated Shopping

to take charge of or organize;
to pull together, sift through, and select for presentation;

We act as a curator for you. We literally review the thousand of options available and select the ones which we think are worthy of presentation. We filter by value, quality, features, and uniqueness. For most items, we actually test them so that we can provide first hand experiential commentary to help guide your purchase decisions.

So, in contrast to Amazon's 8,735 options for stainless steel fry pans, we might have 3-5 options. We can compare/contrast them with each other - and with other items which we have chosen not to present. We might even have favorites - and tell you so. 

We believe that this curated shopping experience offers fewer options, but more value. It is a feature of shopping at the Toy Store for Foodies that you have choices which are not overwhelming along with knowledgeable and friendly staff to help guide you. Try getting that on Amazon.com.

Curation Does Not Cost You More

Here is something you may not know: you do not pay more for the curated shopping experience. Especially on larger items (like our example of stainless steel fry pans), our price is the same or, in many cases, lower than Amazon.com. This means you might actually be paying more to buy from the elephant than from us. Let that sink in for a bit.

Curated selection. Knowledgeable staff. Competitive prices. This seems like a great combination to us. We hope you agree.

Michael Liss