Mike's Favorite Pan

The pan I reach for most in my kitchen is my de Buyer carbon steel pan. Why is this my favorite pan? 

  1. It is naturally non-stick. With just a little care this pan will be let eggs slide around like hockey pucks. And the same pan will sear a steak or chicken perfectly. I don't know of any other pan that can do both.
  2. It is virtually indestructible. The de Buyer pan has a lifetime warranty.
  3. It works on any cooktop surface. Gas, electric, induction are all fine. It goes from stovetop to oven with no temperature limits. You can even use this on your grill or a campfire.
  4. Carbon steel pans are what you will find in professional kitchens.
  5. The price is right.
The iron MINERAL B ELEMENT fry pan: a 100% natural material with protective organic beeswax finish. It is guaranteed coating-free (no PFAO or PTFE). No added chemicals and made with an environmentally-friendly manufacturing process. Eco-friendly, recyclable and long-lasting product. The fry pan reaches high temperatures and quickly seals food, thereby preserving vitamins and nutrients. Ideal for Sealing, Browning, Grilling. Seasoning: the more you use the fry pan, the better it cooks. The blacker it gets, the less it sticks.
— de Buyer

Don't get me wrong - I love my stainless steel pans and my cast iron dutch ovens. But the pan I reach for first in most of my cooking is one of my carbon steel pans. And de Buyer is the best in my opinion. I have tried other manufacturers but the combination of the classic shape of the pans, the comfortable handle, and the thicker gauge steel makes this a life long companion in my kitchen.

De Buyer has been manufacturing cookware in France since 1830. They are still made entirely in country with a great deal of pride, as you can see from the video below.

These pans are the mainstay of family kitchens in Europe, but for some reason they have not caught on here in the US. I would like to change that. I hope that you might give one of these pans a try - I promise you that you will be hooked.

Michael Liss